Ugly Dolls

Although the UglyDolls may not be gorgeous on the outside, they’re certainly strong and beautiful on the inside. For them, life is full of lessons. Each of them has something unique about their personality that makes them special. Since the world does not see all of their skills and talents right away, they learn that it’s up to them to find the beauty inside of themselves, and to share it with others.


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Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Based on the 2016 video game of the same name, Detective Pikachu follows the adventures of failed Pokemon trainer Tim Goodman as he helms a search for his acclaimed father, Detective Harry Goodman after it is discovered that he has gone missing. Landing in Ryme City, he encounters his father’s old Pokemon partner Detective Pikachu, and the two unwillingly team up to uncover the mystery of his father’s disappearance. Battling enemies of all shapes and sizes, the duo immerse themselves into the world of the Pokemon universe as they become best friends and unlikely heroes.

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Long Shot

Fred and Charlotte, two unlikely companions, reconnect after years of being apart. Charlotte, Fred’s old babysitter, is now a renowned diplomat with considerable pull in the political sphere. Meanwhile, Fred is flourishing as a self-made journalist and self-proclaimed mischief-maker. With Charlotte well out of his league, Fred is sure he doesn’t stand a chance. In a stunning turn of events, the two kindle a fiery romance rooted in laughter and surprise. As their love blossoms, Fred and Charlotte embark on a series of lighthearted adventures.

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The Hot Zone

In 1989, Dr. Nancy Jaax, a researcher with the United States’ Army, is approached to study a virus that appeared in chimpanzees in a Washington, D.C., laboratory. Nancy’s research in a secure lab reveals that Ebola might have finally reached the United States. Ebola had never been detected on U.S. soil before that year. Nancy faces an uphill battle: Ebola has a 90 percent mortality rate. The virus spreads effortlessly via bodily fluids. One infected person can quickly spread it to others. It can rapidly topple a civilization. There’s no vaccine. There’s no cure. Nancy must race against the clock to find a solution.


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