Auggie Pullman suffers from a severe facial deformity that has prevented him from attending a regular school. However, he is set to start a traditional school for the start of his fifth grade year. As his teachers and peers struggle to accept hum, Auggie teaches them that he was born to make a difference. He doesn’t let his deformity define who he is and who will become. His attitude and zest for life teaches others about acceptance and the uniqueness of every individual.

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Daddy’s Home 2

Daddy’s Home 2 is about a split family that is trying to spend a Christmas together for the first time. The biological father, Dusty Mayron and the stepfather, Brad Whitaker, have a good co parenting relationship over Dusty and (Brad’s wife) Sara’s 3 children. As soon as their fathers Kurt Mayron and Mr. Whitaker arrive to join in the celebrations with their grandchildren, things get a little chaotic between the 2 sides of the family.

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Moms’ Night Out

Allyson wants to have a girl’s night out with her friends, but the problem is, they have to convince their husbands to watch the children. The women simply want to enjoy a meal that does not involve paper bags, runny noses and constant interruptions. A little adult conversation would not hurt either. What could go wrong with that? It could turn into the longest three hours the women have spent since their children were born. That coupled with the fact that they will be able to enjoy putting on a pair of high heels for their adventure should make it a very interesting evening.


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Murder on the Orient Express

When a luxurious train is stranded in the snow and a man is murdered in his compartment, the crime is investigated by a famous detective who is also a passenger. He discovers that many of the passengers knew the victim from years before in connection with the kidnapping of a three year old heiress who was killed even though her ransom had been paid. When the murder victim’s true identity is revealed as the kidnapper/killer, suspicion falls on 13 travelers who are linked to the original case through their ties to the child’s family and the tragedy.


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