In this threequel to 2002’s “The Ring”, the cursed videotape is back, once again bringing death in seven days to anyone who watches it, unless they can get someone else to view it before their time runs out. When a young man named Holt gets involved with a cult that revolves around the tape, his girlfriend, Julia, sacrifices her safety to save his life by watching the tape herself. When she does so, however, she does a horrific truth: there’s another movie within the movie that no one has ever seen before.

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Unleashing Mr. Darcy


A modern take on the classic tale “Pride & Prejudice,” follow along as Elizabeth Scott, a school teacher, enters her Cavalier Kine Charles Spaniel in a dog show in New York. As Elizabeth seeks direction for her life after being fired from her position as a teacher, she meets the wealthy and standoffish Mr. Darcy, one of the dog show judges. There is no doubt that there is a spark between the two, and this comedy of manners will keep them on their toes as they navigate falling for each other amidst apologies for behaviors.


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The Comedian


An older comedian forced to do community service has to contend with his demons. Along the way, he rediscovers family members and a possible new romantic connection. With his career on the verge of collapse, this insult comic attempts to see his life from a totally new perspective. The question is whether or not he’s burned too many bridges to come back and give it everything he’s got. During this exciting new time, he discovers that his sense of humor can be a gift and not a weapon.


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Big Bang Theory Season 9

big bang

In The Big Bang Theory’s ninth season, Sheldon and Amy deal with the aftermath of their break-up before reuniting and taking a big step forward in their relationship, Leonard and Penny adjust to married life, Howard and Bernadette get the welcome news that she’s pregnant, while Raj’s relationship with Emily takes a break when he falls for another woman, only for him to start dating both women at the same time.

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