A Madea Family Funeral

Tyler Perry does quadruple duty, playing three characters plus the popular Aunt Madea. Madea is summoned to rural Georgia for a family get-together that turns tragic with an unexpected death. Now it’s up to Madea to plan the funeral, hold the family together, and make sure no dirty family secrets get leaked. Of course, in Madea’s world nothing ever goes exactly to plan, but she’s determined to see it through!


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Orange is the new black. Season 6

Piper Chapman is living the normal life of a woman in her thirties including the job, the friends and the relationship. Then one of her past indiscretions decides to catch up with her in a very big way. She is indicted for running drug money; an incident that happened ten years before when she was dating a drug dealer. She is then sentenced to 15 months in prison, a place she never thought she would end up and a place is she completely unprepared for at all.

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A Vigilante

Sadie’s nameless husband treated her like trash. The things he did to her were so horrible that she can’t speak them aloud with any ease during support group sessions for abused women. She suffers from severe post traumatic stress disorder. One moment her mind is clear and focused on her future and the next she fights to hold herself together through panic attacks and bouts of crying and shaking. Feeling a need to bring justice to abuse victims, Sadie realizes that she might only be able to better lives through violence. Even with this horrifying thought ever-present in her mind, Sadie decides to train physically and mentally until her body can be used as a weapon and she can become a vigilante who will give abuse back to the abusers.

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Outlander. Season 4

“Outlander” takes audiences along for the adventure of Claire Randall, a nurse in the process of rekindling her marriage to her husband Frank after the couple spent five years apart during World War II. As the two are enjoying a trip to Scotland, where Frank is conducting research about his family roots, an unexpected chain of events draws Claire back to the year 1743. While there she meets and is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a bold and handsome Scottish Warrior. This turn of events leaves Claire torn between two men, two time periods and two very different lives.


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