Ron Stallworth is no ordinary police officer. He’s the first African-American cop in his city, and he’s on a unique mission – infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan. He enlists the help of fellow cop Flip Zimmerman, as well as the police department, to sneak into Klan meetings and spy on their activities. Knowing the Klan’s plans in advance can mean the difference between life and death for innocent blacks… if he can pull it off.


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A Place to Call Home. Season 6

A Place to Call Home is set in beautiful New South Wales, Australia. This series depicts the life of Sarah Adams, a young Catholic woman who had moved to Paris to be with the man she loved and take on his Jewish faith. Inspired by the thrill of the new life that awaits her Sarah starts work as a nurse, only to be led by her job back to Australia. Sarah is astonished to find out that her husband survived World War 11. Will this news change everything for Sarah?

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The Mule

For Michigan resident Earl Stone, life has never been easy. Sent off to World War II as a young man, he has had to endure a great deal. Never a great husband or father, he has often retreated into his own world. But now in his eighties, he suddenly has an opportunity to make his life matter-and to get some cash. Facing foreclosure, he knows that something has to give. And this is how the most unlikely drug mule ends up transporting $3 million in cocaine across the state.

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For one special security guard, tracking people down is a paranormal sort of hobby. Able to use his rare abilities to find people, David Dunn is suddenly given a job that seems more daunting than all the others before it. He’ll need to find Kevin Wendell Crumb, and time is of the essence. But part of the problem is that Crumb is an extremely disturbed man and with 24 personalities, he’s a lot more complicated than the others Dunn has found.


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